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Dirty Dozen Hill Climbs – October/November

Cycling Concepts Dirty Dozen RideThe Dirty Dozen Hill Climbs is an annual race we hold in late October or early November from our shop in Glastonbury, CT. The race is a fun event involving a 45-mile group ride with 13 hill sprints. All riders stay in a controlled group and remain at the foot of each hill until the leader blows a whistle to signify the beginning of the sprint. Riders regroup at the top of each hill and make their way to the next hill at a controlled, easy pace. 2016 Race Info Date:  Sunday October 30, 2016 Time:  9:00 am Location: Cycling Concepts, Glastonbury, CT Fee:  $10, which includes refreshments after the race. For more information on the Cycling Concepts Dirty Dozen race, contact Keith at or 860-633-3444.


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