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MAMIL. Middle Aged Men In Lycra!

Once again, Cycling Concepts is proud to present a Hartford area movie premiere. MAMIL, is an amusingly honest film about Middle-Aged Men In Lycra.

Screening at the Bow Tie Cinema on February 21. We look forward to seeing you there!

Pre-ordering tickets is essential. We need 80 tickets sold to make this evening a reality. You can find tickets here:

Purchase your tickets here

Middle Aged Men In Lycra! At last, the love that can finally be shared -- that of man for bike. We’ve shaved our legs and we’re here to stay! Deal with us, as we sweep down hills on our bikes, stopping for nothing (except maybe a macchiato). You might be queer in New York, you might be Christian in the midwest, you might be an Adelaide Fat Boy, you might be a lawyer or a cancer survivor, you might be hauling your middle-aged belly up the Col de Tourmalet or just popping down to the shops, you might be on a top-line Trek or a heap of junk, you might be wondering how you’re going to explain all of this to your missus, but you still thrill to the moving meditation of the bike. Narrated by Phil Liggett.

Learn more and view the trailer/Purchase tickets

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