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At Cycling Concepts we love hosting all types of bicycling events. And, we like to share the fun with you. Enjoy Cycling Concepts photos here.
  • Two Ferry Ride 2012
SEVEN Cycles Evergreen

SEVEN Cycles Evergreen... custom spec to ride local pavement and Vermont backroads. Custom geometry to optimize an avid cyclist's performance and comfort. Enjoy!

Holiday Party 2015

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who shared a wonderful 2015 with us.

Corn Maze Craze 2014

It was a brisk fall day with plenty of sunshine. Perfect for our annual, quirky races through the corn maze. Hot chile and ice cream after riding made it a thoroughly enjoyable event.


It was a terrific evening to ride and eat and eat. Mountain bikers never seem to tire of burgers and brews and watermelon.

MayDay Ride May 4, 2014

It was cool and windy but it was sunny and it didn't rain. 200+ riders came and rode, ate and smiled.

Two_Ferry_2014_Octoberfest Celebration

What a great way to finish a ride. Food and drink with friends with a terrific sense of fun.

Liv... Pedal a Revolution Ride

Thanks to all of you who came out for the ride in support of women's right right to cycle. Thanks Liv and Jen for making it a success.


Plenty of food, drink and good cheer to go around. There was plenty to drink too. The bar was so busy we didn't judge the delicious desserts.


What a tasty, fun evening. To those of you who entered the chili contest - thanks a million. To those of you who brought good cheer - thanks a million to you too!


We lucked out with a beautifully cool day. Registration was smooth although we wish the arm warmers had arrived in time for the ride. Enjoy these photos of the Two Ferry take off.

Bolton Notch Pancake Breakfast Ride

Between the rain showers we enjoyed the ride and pancakes.

Pancake Breakfast Ride 2014

It was a superb early season ride. Congratulations to everyone who turned out to ride through the hills of Glastonbury and Portland.

Indoor Two Ferry 2014

From 10:30 am to 4:00pm - that's a long indoor ride. Congrats to Daren and Karen for working hardest and lasting longest. Honorable mention to Aimee K. and Mike B. for hanging in for a long ride. Seinfeld episodes on top of the Two Ferry videos sure made the ride more fun. Oh yes... thanks Dave P. and Sondre S. for installing motorized screen up in the ceiling!

Holiday party in Glastonbury 2013

Thanks everyone for making Cycling Concepts Holiday Party - The Sequel a success. Weight-Weight winners will be announced when we've tabulated the results. Happy Holidays to All!

Holiday Party in RH 2013

Our Rocky Hill Party was food, drink and fun filled. Dave won the Mechanics Olympics - he had his race face on the entire time. Erik won two of the three Weight-Weight Don't Tell Me events, Ian won the third. Next week we do it again in Glastonbury.

Case Mountain Hill Climbs 2013 - Photos

The inaugural Case Mountain Hill Climb Ride and Race covered 12 miles of challenging trails and three killer climbs. It was enough to tire everyone.

Two Ferry 2013 - Post-Ride Festivities

Eat, drink, be merry.

Two Ferry Ride 2013 - The First Mile

The weather was beautiful as the first riders set out.

May Day Ride 2013

Dirty Dozen 2012

Two Ferry Ride 2012

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