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Ed prepares to service a bike at Cycling Concepts Glastonbury

Bicycle services

Regular bicycle services are essential for keeping your bike in good working order. You should service your bike at least twice a year, ideally at the beginning and end of the riding season – and more often if you cover a lot of miles. A basic service tune-up starts at $60, plus parts and labor …

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Neil at Cycling Concepts working on a bike

Bicycle repairs

Is something on your bike squeaking, grinding, rubbing, wobbling, or worn down? Bring it to us for a fast, guaranteed assessment and on-site repair. Our service technicians handle major and minor repairs on all types of bicycle and tricycle, from flat repairs to basic tune-ups to full overhauls and restorations. All with a full guarantee and a …

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Sean at Cycling Concepts

Bicycle fits and consultations

A proper bicycle fit is essential for your comfort and safety. We offer a fit with every purchase of a new bicycle. If you would like to arrange a fit for a bicycle you already own, call us to schedule an appointment on 860-633-3444 (Glastonbury).    

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