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From Facebook

"Each time I enter the store, I am greeted by warm, friendly staff who answer questions and offer expertise on my cycling needs."

"Great shop with knowledgeable staff and sponsors of terrific events in the area all year round. True ambassadors for the sport of cycling."

"I first came to Cycling Concepts because they are a Seven Cycles Distributor.  I purchased an Axiom S in 2012, and now a Treeline in 2015.  I have come to realize there is nothing this shop cannot do for you.  Bike builds, maintenance, upgrade recommendations, all exceptional, if you spent good money on a bike, then bring it here for work they do thing right.  I always shop around and I always come back to Cycling Concepts, they have the expertise and experience to get the job done.  Every time I stop by they have some kind of incredible bike they are working on.  Truly the modern craftsmen of the most amazing machines."

"In town for the weekend and broke my bike and had to walk it out on Saturday. Looked like Sunday wasn't going to happen because the broken part wasn't a standard piece.  Despite not being a Trek dealer, the guys managed to get my bike fixed up even better than new. They also had the exact tire I needed to replace one with a sidewall cut on my wife's bike.  Great bunch with real skills, top notch!"

"Many thanks to Keith at Cycling Concepts for his dedication volunteering for our annual CT Children's Medical Center, Pediatric Cancer Survivorship event Cycle of Life. Thanks to Keith our bikes are safety checked and he spends a few hours doing it!"

"Best Bike Shop in Connecticut.  Always very helpful and extremely friendly.  Fantastic group rides.

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From Google

"Just picked up my old road bike from the shop after having the ultimate tune-up done. Everything looks new! It is hard to believe that under all that gunk were these shiny parts. The real proof of the great tune-up was in the ride.The smooth shifting and accurate breaking were spot on. Initially the service pricing seemed a bit high but after riding the bike I feel it was a great value. The mechanics did a great job on this and I highly recommend this shop for any bike servicing."

"Service is a priority for the team!  They are great to work with and make the customer a priority."

"Staff was very attentive to my needs and went above and beyond the level of service I would have expected. I been in the recreational cycling cult for 4 decades, and I rate Cycling Concepts Glastonbury among the best."

"I have been a cyclist since the mid 1970's and have been in many a bike shop.  This place is about the best I've ever seen.  They are as equally adept at selling me a $5000 road bike with all the pertinent accessories as they are a little boy his first set of wheels.  A genuinely friendly, honest place with no egos and no agenda other than building a great cycling community.  Places like this are the reason to shop local, you get out of it what you put into it and these guys deliver."

"My wife and I stopped in late in the afternoon on a Sunday and Keith was very patient as my wife test rode 3 bikes.  We didn't finish until 1/2 an hour past their closing time but never felt hurried. This is a quality bike shop and they want to put new and seasoned riders on the best bike for their needs and budgets."

"Amazing shop with a high level of customer service satisfaction. The mechanics are top tier in what they do and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my bike. Definitely the best shop in the area by far."

"Simply the best bike shop I have ever dealt with.  Best mechanics I have ever found.  Great ride events!  If you are not working with this shop, you are really missing out. Want the right stuff at a fair price?  Forget the Internet.  Work with Cycling Concepts. If the don't have it, they can get it or will tell you the best place to find it.  I love this shop!"

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From Yelp

"Love this shop!  Every person that works here is EXTREMELY friendly and knowledgeable.  They have helped me build my fixie from the ground up, helped me buy a trainer for my road bike and even boxed/shipped my mountain bike I sold on Ebay!  Great prices great people solid shop."

"My daughter, age 11 needed a new bike due to a growth spurt. We purchased the Specialized Ariel in Acid Red from Cycling Concepts, a big upgrade from the bike she was riding! Keith made sure it was comfortable and safe for her, she even got to try it on the trail in back of the shop, there was never any pressure. Great experience, price and customer service."

"Been doing business with these guys for close to 20 years....Ownership has changed in that time, but the quality of their products, service, and professionalism has NOT! It has always been top notch. I've purchased multiple Mountain Bikes, multiple Road Bikes, multiple Comfort bikes, as well as trailers for the kids and have had ZERO problems with all of them. I soon hope to pick up one of those Fat bikes as well, so I know where i'll be going for that. These guys know their stuff, are always glad to see you walk through the doors and always make sure your gear is in tip top shape. They Also have always seemed to have some great mechanics working there in those 20 years. Keep it up!"

"I learned how to ride a bike as an adult on someone else's bike and wanted one to get better on. After two bad bikes from Walmart (yeah I went cheap) I decided to go to Cycling Concepts to get a "real" bike. I talked to Sean and told him my price range and we discussed what I was looking for and he picked out a great bike! Love that bike. And as I've needed accessories (car rack, new bike seat, bike rack, etc) and bike maintenance I kept going back to Cycling Concepts. Always helpful, they have what I need, good advice about riding, and I even joined in on one of their rides. No lie I was definitely the slowest person there but it was fun and very inclusive. I tell everyone who is looking for a bike shop to go there. Highly suggested."

"I'm a competitive cyclist who rides for a shop team elsewhere in the state. That being said, I had some work I needed done on my bike, and cycling concepts was closer, so I decided to swing by. Long story short, these are awesome guys who do quality work, they're super helpful and I trust them. I now come here for all my maintenance and parts. They've even done some really minor work for me at no cost.
I agree with all the other reviews, especially what Dave G. said about it being a no-pressure atmosphere.  I spend a good amount of money on cycling parts, and I feel like I can talk about equipment with these guys without feeling pressured to buy anything.
Cycling Concepts has earned themselves a lifetime customer in me, and they deserve your business, too.  Definitely the best bike shop in the area."

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